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Masego's creative vision.

« Don’t listen to people who say they don’t understand your vision »

Virginia isn’t known for its music scene, despite being the birthplace of a huge number of iconic artists. For Masego, a self-taught musician, this makes a better story: at 8 years old,
he was blown away by the talent of a church drummer in his hometown of Newport News, an encounter that sparked his passion for music.
Using only YouTube videos, he taught himself how to play the cello, drums, piano, and guitar, eventually specializing in saxophone.
The 30-year-old artist, known worldwide for his viral videos of live looping and on-the-spot beatmaking, released his latest album in March 2023.

Not from Paris Madame.

Not from Paris Madame represents a way of life, a way of thinking that the founders of Drôle de Monsieur want to instill in every one of us.
Talent can come from anywhere. If you possess the right energy, optimism and dedication, it will always come back to you no matter where you are from.